Goody Kitchen 10th Edition - Eng 2020


S A M I R A J A N ’ S S U C C E S S S T O R Y One of the best and most inspiring pastry chefs in Saudi Arabia

n a challenging industry, Samira’s rise to fame was far from hassle- free. Yet, she never gave up or took no for answer. From a sweet 6-year-old infatuated with culinary arts to the Kingdom’s “Sweetest Lady”, an accomplished French Pastry Chef, the first woman in Saudi Arabia to make gelato, and an overachieving businesswoman; Samira Jan did it all. This Saudi entrepreneur of Uzbek origins is today the co-founder, project manager and star chef of ‘Dragées’, a luxury chocolate boutique in the making. We delve into Samira’s awe-inspiring tale, following her journey from overworked Commis 1 to inspiring Chef Pâtissier.

“ I wa s 6 whe n I mad e m y firs t cake ; i t wa s messy, bu t I di d i t al l b y myself,” say s Samira , whose ancesto r wa s a cotton- cand y maker , uncle s are restauran t owner s and parent s ar e Uzbek cuisin e caterers . A s a child , sh e often experimente d with kitche n utensil s rathe r tha n playin g wit h dolls. B y 9 , sh e ha d mastered Arabia n sweet s an d b y 1 4 sh e wa s truste d to single-handedly prepar e th e Diyafa tray s fo r her sister’ s wedding. 93

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