Goody Kitchen 10th Edition - Eng 2020


C O N T E N T S Re c i p e s , t i p s a nd i de a s f o r a c r e a t i ve R amada n

12 Sparkling apple and peach cooler

46 Dates filled with orange blossom cream and almond caramel

88 Peanut butter ma’amoul cookies

52 Lentil soup with sweetcorn salsa


Edible Gift Ideas 23-28


Global Iftar Dishes 76-81

The inspiration behind our new look Goody Kitchen Manifesto

Tips For Making Food Look Great

Homemade treats for family and friends

Ideas that will ensure your food always looks ever so special

These light, bright iftar dishes take inspiration from global flavours


Cook Like A Star 31-42

Dishes with a Goody Twist 46-49

Iftar Recipes You’ll Love 83-91

Goody Kitchen Sums

47 Black truffle hummus with crudités

Quick ideas that prove you don’t need time to create memorable meals

Discover amazing recipes from some of our Goody Kitchen Stars

New ways to serve dates, hummus, fattoush and baklava

Four showstopping recipes that are guaranteed to impress

Get Ahead For Ramadan 16-20

AModern Iftar Menu 50-63

Love Your Leftovers 64-66



Wholesome Suhoor Recipes

Goody Kitchen Success Story

Four recipes you can cook now and freeze, ready for the month ahead

These creative recipes will wow your iftar guests

Clever ways to turn extra ingredients into meals your family will love

Five flavour-packed recipes that give you energy for the day ahead

Meet Samira Jan, one of Saudi Arabia’s best and most inspiring pastry chefs

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