Goody Kitchen 10th Edition - Eng 2020


WE’VE SHARPENED O U R B R A N D ! WELCOME TO THE NEW GOODY KITCHEN! We’re a growing community of like-minded foodies! Our new bran d reflects the developmen t that we’ve all made over the pas t 10 years, honin g our skills in the kitchen.

10 years ago, we had an epiphan y and discovere d our true passion . The urge to create incredible dishe s that will delight our taste buds, capture our eyes an d enlighten our senses in a mystic ballet of emotions. This thing they call “passion”, a “calling” evolves deeper within us. Engulfs our ver y being an d takes us to a new level of experience . It becomes that Passio n that makes musicians see music and read it, while others simply listen. The calling that keeps writers awake at night, describing an imaginary landscape as if it were there… right in front of them . The craving fo r strang e associations and a nee d to loo k at the world differently … The appetite for bending the established rules of things with a simple “says who?” It’s that inspiration that has no rules, it has no limits nor boundaries! We see ingredients in a painting , We hear recipes in music, We discover sauces in the dusked sky, And taste our creations in a field of green. With this passion , together marvels will erupt! We will embrac e this passion , allo w it to consume us, to twist our senses, to distort our reality… Let’s create , let’s invent, let’s amaze…

It’s mor e inclusive, representing the growing numbe r of men as wel l as women that shar e a deep passio n for cooking.


We’re als o muc h mor e digita l than ever before. Now our logo can scal e accordin g to whatever devic e you access us from.


Goody Kitchen

As a nod to where we’v e come from , we’v e kept th e chef’ s hat which has been redrawn usin g human strokes .


Our beloved red has been brightene d up, representing ou r community’s love of goo d food.

Old New


Simplicity runs throughout so that as you star t to see us in more place s and on mor e platforms our brand won’t get in the wa y of the inspiring conten t that we an d you will be creating. We’re her e to be th e source for - and the voice of - the foodies. So let’ s get cooking!

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